Convert to MP3 App Reviews

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Great Quality

This app helps me convert to MP3 quickly and easily. It has a simple interface and does the job. Looking forward to using it on a regular basis

Clean and simple, wish more choices.

this app does what is says. quick conversion from any music file to mp3. drag n drop interface, but i wish the app had more choices for mp3 quality, bitrate, etc… great tho, no complaints.

This is very helpful

I often find a need to convert to MP3 and this app does it well. Seems to be more intuitive than the youtube converters or other converters. I’ll surely be recommending this to my friends & colleagues.

Great MP3 converter app

This app delivers just what it promises. I was looking for an MP3 converter that was affordable and easy to use. Wow, I am impressed. This app has so many features that I was amazed. The ease with which it worked and the quality of MP3 converted was awesome. This is going to be my go-to app for MP3 conversion.Highly recommended


This application did NOT work! Save your money! I tried to get it to work several times but it was useless. I was trying to convert a few .wma files to .mp3, but each time it said that it had created the files as mp3’s it was just a file that was 1 or 2 seconds of garbled noise… Definitely don’t waste your time or money on this app…

Does work in my car cd player

Tried to convert music from iTunes and it does not play in my car stereo

Doesn’t work!!

I needed it for only one job and while the writers wrote their own glowing recommendation it didn’t work for me. Tried to convert a VTS.VOB file. Save you money!

didn't work

Several attempts and couldn't make it work. Pretty sure are not my MAMA's since tried several different ones. NOT COOL


Tried to convert file and all I got was 42 seconds of silence. Save your money

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